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Our warehouse of books in our online bookstore in the UK offers more than 150 000 titles in Polish. In addition to electronic books and publications such as e-books, our online store also offers children's toys, games, DVD movies and music CDs. The entire range of our online bookstore that over 250 000 products that are available immediately.

Cheap Polish books, audio books, eBooks, toys for children and Multimedia

To facilitate shopping to our customers, the shop was divided into several categories that are clearly displayed, making it easier purchases. This main categories: books and magazines, E-book, calendars, and school textbooks, Film and Music, Multimedia and toys for children, audiobooks, News, Previews, TOP 50.

A list of books is divided into fiction, romance, women's literature, maps, atlases, romance, crime, guides and hobbies, religion, health and arts, and textbooks. This is just an example of categories that are available in our online store.

Font Bookstore offers a well as books for children as well as children's toys for entertaining them to spend time and help remember the homeland, because most of the toys come from Poland. Category for children has also been expanded to include baby food manufacturer Bebilon.

Our books and all other products are shipped worldwide. Shipping purchased at our books and other products is done through courier company and royal mail. The fact that cooperating for many years with trusted carriers we can offer our customers a cheap form of shipment. Just sign in, choose the interesting title and in a few short steps place an order. We'll do the rest. Please feel free to use our online bookstore Font.

Polish Online Bookstore Font is 100% owned by Font Ltd, based in London, and was founded by Polish.

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