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Casa Bella

Casa Bella


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All of the 55 charming houses in this book are photographed by Massimo Listri and each reflects the character of its illustrious occupant. A mouth-watering tour of stylish homes around the globe in places as diverse as Bali, Malindi, Marrakech, Bangkok, Kyoto, Los Angeles or London to name a few.

  • Autorzy: Listri Massimo
  • Ciężar: 5.785
  • Format: 35.0x32.5cm
  • Języki: angielski, niemiecki, niderlandzki
  • Kod wydawcy: 22273
  • Oprawa: Twarda z obwolutą
  • PKWiU: 58.11
  • Rok wydania: 2014
  • Wydawca: Magnus
  • Wysokość: 55

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Casa Bella

Casa Bella

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