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These rules (the " Terms " ) govern access to and use of the website and other websites operating in Font PK Ltd (collectively, the "Service" ) Using or registration on the Website may only take place under the terms of the Regulations and is tantamount to the acceptance of all the provisions of the Regulations.
                                                       [ Administrator]
                                                                   § 2
Administrator and the sole owner of the Website Font PK Ltd is located at 220c Blythe Road, London W14 0HH registered at the Companies House under number 06747169 (the " Administrator" ) .
                                                 [Service and Products]
                                                                   § 3
1 The service consists of website through which you can order for free or purchase press releases , books, digital books in mp3 and other products in the electronic version (collectively "Products "), or products that are things (the "Goods" ) - access to the part of the Service is also accessible from mobile applications available for selected operating systems of mobile devices.

2 The service enables users to acquire and use of the products offered and the Goods solely on the principles set out in the Regulations. An integral part of the Rules of the Privacy Policy.

3 The administrator can restrict the offering of the Goods solely to the service available at  and then by the Service in relation to goods to be understood only service available in this domain .
                                                [ Technical Requirements ]
                                                                   § 4
1 To use the Service is required operating system Windows, MacOS , OS X, Linux , Android or iOS , and web browser Firefox 3.5 or higher , Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher , Chrome 11.0 or higher , Opera 10.0 or higher , Safari 5.0 or higher , and a device to support the above . operating systems and browsers .
2 Detailed technical requirements for the use of the individual products are available on the
                                                                  § 5
1 Use of the Service may each adult person as far as it will register on the Website and accept the Terms and Conditions (the " User" ) .

2 Users with access to the Website outside the United Kingdom and Wales are required to use the Service in accordance with the laws of Great Britain and Wales and the laws in force in the territory of the State in which the use of the Service.

3 The Administrator reserves the right to block access to the Website , refuse service , delete data or liquidation of the contract users who violate the principles set out in the Regulations , commit or attempt to circumvent the Rules of the security and functioning of the Service, violate the legitimate interests of the Administrator or third parties and commit actions which are contrary to law or morality or for other reasons are not permitted in the assessment of the Administrator. Administrator's decision in this matter is final.
                            [ Sale and Delivery of Products and Goods ]
                                                                § 6

1 The purpose of the Product purchase is necessary to place orders by activating visible on the Service appropriate options available for each Product and follow the instructions administered to you at any stage of the ordering.

2 During registration the User will be asked to provide the following information about yourself:
- name
     - the name
     - E -mail
     - Telephone number (in exceptional cases on a voluntary basis )

1 By registering an account must be understood in the Service or fill in the appropriate fields purpose of purchase of the Products without logging (ie buying without login / registration account ) .

2 Each order is verified automatically by sending an e-mail to the address given by you when ordering. Receive e-mail message informing of acceptance of an order

means that the order has been placed correctly .

3 Orders are executed upon receipt by the Administrator of duties payable on the Website available payment channels by way of payment of the price and any other costs specific to a Product. A moment of receipt of the fee for the product completes the procedure of the contract.

4 Information about the price of the Product are always given on the Website and when ordering.

5 The primary method of delivery of the ordered Product is to download it by the user through the data made using the internet , directly to a computer 's memory or through a dedicated mobile application .

6 The user can purchase individual products to pay for purchased item.

7 When ordering, the user may be able to choose how to download the Product , you have several options .
                                             [ Sale and Supply of Goods ]

                                                                  § 7

10 The administrator also sells goods specified in the Service on the principles established in the Regulations , including, in particular paragraph . 1 - 9 above with the following modifications . The administrator may engage in the sale of the Goods without registering users.

11 Goods are available for Buyers while stocks last.

12 Goods are delivered via RoyalMail and UPS .

15 The provisions of the Rules relating to the sale of Goods shall not prejudice the powers Users specified in the applicable laws .
                                                         [ Payments ]
                                                                   § 8
1 The user can make payments for purchases made on the Website by bank card , instant bank transfer , bank transfer or ordinary paypal . The user can also make payments using codes that can be purchased from entities cooperating with the Administrator . Policy acquisition and use of these codes , including time constraints, the use of codes, regulations define the sites operated by these entities . Payments by the codes can be used to purchase certain services available on the site directly ( e -books , audio books , e- newspapers , activation of subscriptions ) or supply the Service User's account points .

2 User shall transfer the amount indicated in the Site before receiving the Product ( prepayment) . Service is never required to enter a login and password for your online banking .

3 Support for bank transfers in relation to the site  provides Dialcom sp zoo with its registered office at ul. Office supplies 15 , 60-327 Poznan , entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court Poznań - Nowe Miasto and Wilda , VIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register (hereinafter " Przelewy24 " ) .

4 Administrator enables users to make payments for the products using credit and debit cards.

We do not store credit card details nor do we share financial details with any 3rd parties.

5 The purpose of making payment by credit card user should place an order and select the appropriate form of payment.

6 Service requires the following information to the Administrator or the recording engineer payments required to make payment by credit card :
      - name
      - the name
      - Card number
      - The expiry date cards
      - CVC
The information specified in this paragraph . 6 hereinafter be referred to as "Data " .

1 Data are transmitted by the Administrator or the recording engineer payments administered by the recording engineer 's payment . Contractor payment by credit card is :
a) in relation to the site : WorldPay Limited Company based in 55 Mansell Street, London E1 8AN . WorldPay Limited (Company No . 3424752 / FCA No . 504504 ) , WorldPay (UK) Limited (Company No . 7316500 / FCA No . 530923 ) and WorldPay AP Ltd. ( Company No. . 5593466 / FCA No . 502597 ) ( referred to as " WorldPay " ) ( Data reported by the Administrator )
Entities specified in this paragraph . 7 will be referred to individually as " Executor " .

11 In order to make payments using PayPal You should place your order and select the appropriate form of payment , in this case PayPal.

12 Administrator is not responsible for damages resulting from the provision by the User Data to a third party nor used of such Data by a third party and, in particular, by the User to a third party access to your account on the Service.

13 In the case of purchases made using mobile devices , purchases may be made in the following manner :
- For the Android operating system : a payment card ( payments made by WorldPay )

14 Payments made using the system " In-App Purchase" are made on the terms specified in the rules of use of the iTunes Store. Administrator is not responsible for payments settled using the system " In-App Purchase" and for carrying out the complaint procedure payments made via this system . In the event of receipt of the cancellation payments in the " In-App Purchase" Administrator cancels the execution of the contract to which this payment .

18 Order of the paragraph . 17 above shall apply to payments made under the " direct billing" used for purchases on mobile devices using the Android operating system.
                                                             [ Invoices ]
                                                                   § 9
1 The user can request to receive an invoice .
2 Submissions must be made by selecting the appropriate option during the ordering process and fill out the form located in the Service of the data to be included in the invoice .
3 Members requesting a VAT invoice agree to receive invoices electronically indicated by the User e-mail address .
                                                           [ Copyright ]
                                                                    § 10
1 Administrator announces that all products and other publications and texts (collectively " Publications " ) available on the Site are protected under the provisions of the Act of 4 February 1994 on Copyright and Related Rights ( Journal of Laws of 2006 No. 90, item . 631 , as amended . amended , referred to as the " law on copyright and related Rights " ) .

2 Protection referred to in paragraph . 1 above shall also graphics , logos , buttons, images and their compilations , and software available on the Site, owned by the Administrator or its suppliers ( referred to as " Songs Administrator " ) . Therefore, any publications or songs Administrator can not be illegally copied, reproduced or distributed without the consent of the authorized party .

3 By using the Website You agree to not make any changes and do not use without the permission of the authorized entities of the content of the Website in a manner other than specified in the Regulations.

4 Purchase a copy of the Product entitles you only to use as intended, or playing in electronic devices , placing the memory of your computer, or other appropriate equipment to become familiar with the contents of the Product , without the possibility of reproduction of the Product , copy and use in a manner not permitted by law its content in whole or in part , or alter its electronic structure (eg, file format ) or otherwise modify the file with the Product (eg, removing security or markings ) .

5 It is also forbidden Product distribute , share, or to the public , regardless of the purpose and form of these activities.

6 All of the above restrictions on the Product may be regulated in a different manner only in a separate written agreement with the Administrator.

7 The administrator grants you a license to fivefold activation of the Product purchased on a separate medium of electronic information in the event of loss of the original . In the case of the use of the license limit is not possible to re- obtain the Product beyond the possibility of its re- purchase , as long as product still will be available in the offer of the Service.

8 The user purchasing products on the Website is required to take care of it , to any other unauthorized persons have access to them so that they can be reproduced, distributed without the consent of the Administrator , or used in any other manner inconsistent with the scope of rights granted . In case of detection of such situations Administrator may make claims in this respect he 's known the Product due to the violation of the rights of the copy.

9 Sharing the Products purchased on the Internet without the consent of the Administrator is prohibited. This applies, in particular sites of private and commercial clients P2P , online forums , online communities , etc. In the case of detection of the above-mentioned situation, the Administrator may direct relation to the identified purchaser claims for infringement of the copy.
                              [ Protection Products and Additional Software ]
                                                                 § 11
1 Selected products available on the Site are subject to electronic security against unauthorized use . The specificity of the security may vary depending on the format of the Product. An example of secured PDF files is a small program - plug for Acrobat Reader - FileOpen , Adobe Digital Editions .

2 Every product sold through the Service is personalized designation individuating a given copy of the Product (the watermark ) by putting in his file , in a visible or hidden in the code file , the identity of the User who is the purchaser of the Product and delivered or made available to you only from the sign . Thus, each user purchasing product in the Service consents to such designation and agrees not to take any action to change or termination of the Product of the sign. Designation will not allow others to read any of your personal information , and only serves to identify the User and Product purchased by the Administrator . Marking Products watermarking is used to identify users who violate the law or the provisions of the Regulations.

3 Application Security Products is designed solely to protect the rights of the Administrator and actors working with him and is not collecting any additional information about users.

4 Playing some of the Products ordered on the Site requires you to install the appropriate software. Each time the installation of such software is subject to a separate license agreement between you and the provider of such software. The administrator will provide you with information on the required software . Administrator is not responsible for the accuracy and effects software.

5 The administrator leads in Polish customer service related technical problems that may occur while using the FileOpen software , Adobe and other programs to the extent necessary to read the ordered publication.
                                             [ Content contained on the Site ]
                                                                     § 12
1 Administrator is not responsible for the content of submitted and published on the Site by users or other persons . For their accuracy , reliability and authenticity of any content is not derived from the Administrator or by the unauthorized responsible person placing the content on the Site . In the event that the content of these infringe rights of third parties or the Administrator , the Administrator may be removed.

2 Administrator is not responsible for the events and their effects resulting from the use of the Service, use of the content on Products and information published on the Site unless they come from the Administrator or any other person acting on his behalf.

3 The administrator is the only distributor of products available through the Service , rather than being their author or producer . All opinions , advice , statements, services and offers, or other information or content made available by third parties , including the products offered on the Service are the property of the respective author or publisher. Administrator does not guarantee the truthfulness, completeness , and usefulness of these products and is not responsible for any damages caused as a result of the use of a product .

4 Website contains links (links ) to websites or third party materials . Administrator is not responsible for liaison with these parties or the content made available on such sites.
                                                [ Complaints and Returns ]
                                                                   § 13
                                         [ Complaints and Returns Products ]
1 Any disturbance in the functioning of the Service, comments about him , and all other matters related to the purpose and object of the Service , including the flaws Products can be advertised by the users by notifying the Administrator or persons performing the role of guardians of the Service or sent electronically by the user , for Use the email address :

2 Complaints will be dealt with on an ongoing basis by the Administrator no later than 7 days from the date of receipt of the complaint .

3 User registration conducting further declares that he is aware that the service provided within the Service (including the sale and use of products ) can not be returned because of their nature , and therefore you may not withdraw from the contract .

4 The administrator despite the lack of powers referred to in paragraph . 3 above shall provide each user who purchases products on the Service special 10 -day Satisfaction Guarantee ( Satisfaction Guarantee is subject to separate rules, available at  Each User who purchases products through the Site is the right to return them without giving reasons within 10 days from the date of receipt of the Product ( withdrawal ) . Administrator reserves the right to refuse return in exceptional circumstances, where has reasonable doubt that the phrase made bears traits of abuse of the right to return ( repeated phrases , buying many products one after the other , and their return , etc.)

5 Returned products is done by sending messages to the User Administrator in the User declares that it intends to make a return of the Product by name or other identifier , transaction ID , and the date and price of purchase . The effectiveness of such notice is necessary to send an e -mail from the mailbox , which is given by you when ordering.

6 Within 7 days of receipt of an e -mail about the return of the Product Administrator will respond to you , what is the decision of the Administrator to issue the refund .

7 Administrator's decision on the reimbursement forms the basis for reimbursement of funds paid to you by way of payment for the returned products , which will be made by the Administrator no later than 14 days from the date of receipt of the declaration on the return only by transfer to a bank account , after deducting the costs of reimbursement by the Administrator .

8 Products may be returned only in the manner described above after sending the Administrator a statement that removed all owned or made available to third parties copies of the Product returned in the form of computer files , as well as having a form other than a computer file (eg in the event of a printout of the Product) .

9 In the case of products purchased for other than cash benefits paid to the Administrator by way of payment of the price (eg points) , these benefits are not subject to conversion to cash and are subject to the provision of returnable parts .

                                      [ Content Service Placed by Members ]
                                                                 § 14
1 The Administrator will make every effort to service and all services provided through it work continuously without any interruption. Administrator is not responsible for any interference in the activities of the Service.

2 Administrator reserves the right to temporary total or partial exemption of the Service in order to improve it , add services or perform maintenance without prior warning of Users .

3 Administrator is not responsible for loss of data stored in the Service Administrator computer systems caused by equipment failure , dysfunction of the Internet and their loss due to the actions of third parties .

4 Administrator reserves the right to anonymous publication of content targeted by Users to the Service team , and on issues related to the functioning of the Service (the FAQ) , the advice and the other for which the Administrator finds that the content is worth publishing.

5 Without the express consent of the Administrator is prohibited to copy, reproduction or any other use , in whole or in part, information, data or other content available on the Site or derived from it except as permitted use under the Law on copyright and related rights.

6 Administrator reserves the right to assign in whole or in part any of its rights and obligations associated with the Service , as well as claims against users.
                                           [ Changes in the Regulations ]
                                                                § 15
1 In the event of changes to the Regulations codified version of the regulations , taking into account the changes will be published on the Website. The new version of the Regulations shall enter into force within 14 days from the date of its publication on the Website. At the time, both versions of the Regulations are available at the Service of specifying their expiry date and entry into force .

2 In the period between the publication of a new version of the Regulations on the Service and its entry into force the user should immediately aware of the changes because logging or any other activity on the Site, following the entry into force of the new version are unequivocal acceptance of the new contents of the Rules by the User. Previous versions of the Rules shall be in the Service.

3 User who does not agree to the change of the Rules should delete your account from the Service, and to refrain from using the Service . If the user is a regular user of , and does not agree to the change of the Rules , he should immediately inform the Administrator.
                                                [ Additional Provisions ]
                                                                    § 16
1 Members who have questions concerning the Rules of Procedure, Product , or other issues related to the Site are invited to send their comments to:  or contact information provided in the Website Help section .

2 Contracts concluded with users are captured in electronic form. The release follows an agreement at the request of the user.

3 All provisions of the Regulations in force in Polish and English and will be construed in accordance with the laws of the territory of the United Kingdom.

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